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    Hey David, I’ve been following you on Google+ thanks for the invite. I had a question for you. I’m running your older themes and I’m wondering if that qualifies me for the Stallion theme? I’m running your older SEO themes at http://www.jonshobbies.com/ and http://www.thaltech.com/houseblog and they’ve improved my income many fold, even as fairly low traffic personal blogs.

    Also are there large differences between the older themes I have and the new theme which would make conversion difficult? It seems that by the time I get my sites sorted out for a new release another version is available. Innovation is great I just hate to have to re-assemble things with each version.

    Thanks for your time.

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    • Talian 5 SEO Theme Upgrade to Stallion 6 SEO Theme

      You are running Talian 5 SEO Theme on the sites above, to see if you are entitled to a free upgrade to Stallion 6 see the instructions at : Talian 5 Theme Support.

      Stallion 6 is basically a new WordPress SEO theme, it’s based on the same options you see with Talian 5, but there’s 9 pages of options with almost 200 options (Talian 5 has one options page, around 40 options) so there’s a lot more features.

      There’s no direct update process because Stallion 6 is a complete rewrite (no settings from Talian 5 can be imported to Stallion 6, they have different names).

      Stallion 6 is worth the time upgrading, takes me about 5 minutes a site to upgrade from Talian 5 to Stallion 6, 15 minutes if I’ve customised something like using custom banners. For future Stallion updates new features etc… are updated seamlessly using a built in theme updater (like updating a plugin, click update and it updates) with new settings having their default settings added automatically so updating from Stallion 6.1 to 6.2 will take seconds.


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  • i wish i new how a newbie could use this

    I want to create a web page mainly of hyperlinks to other sites. After 3 days studying this stuff on the web — I am not a techie, just a retired college prof in San Francisco — I seem to understand that google doesn’t like sites like this, I can’t list just one anchor word like “childcare” and hyperlink it to 20 nanny and au pair services. Is that right? I want to link my page to everything I can. You make anything that will help me get my page right?

    Thangya, thangyaverramuch. (My Elvis impression. I think you’re too young to have seen him, though.)

    Mike Howard (mostly nice guy)

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